George Hunt RVN (E/SA) Head Nurse and Clinical Coach. 

George joined the practice in 2001 as a small animal RVN. She previously worked in Newmarket as an Equine Nurse. She has recently qualified as a Registered Equine Nurse and enjoys all aspects of nursing. She has now become our clinical coach and is responsible for nurse training.  She has a keen interest in surgical nursing and caring for colic patients post-surgery. Outside of work George is kept busy with her two young children and her horse Dougal.

Melissa Shanker Trainee Equine Nurse Melissa is currently training to be a nurse under our Clinical Coach George Hunt. She shares her time between the practice and Bottlegreen Training in Melbourne Derbyshire. Melissa has completed her BHS Stages 1 and 2 and has carried out a course in horse management. She is a very caring and kind member of our team.

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