Canine blood donors

PaddyWhat it takes to be a canine blood donor

Every day dogs across the country require life-saving blood transfusions. Before the arrival of the Pet Blood Bank this could prove very challenging as a suitable blood donor wouldn’t always be available. Thankfully now we have the Pet Blood Bank, a charity set up to collect blood from healthy donors which can then be stored for when sick dogs need it most. We are proud to help Pet Blood Bank in their work by hosting a donation day several times a year.

We are always looking for new donors dogs to join the team and help to save lives. To be a blood donor a dog must be fit and well and of a friendly nature but they must also meet the following criteria:

  • Be between 1 and 8 years old
  • Over 25kg
  • Never travelled abroad
  • Never received a blood transfusion themselves

If your dog meets all these criteria and you think they would make a good donor dog then we would love to hear from you. It’s really simple. Complete our online registration form below and we will get in touch. Thank you for your interest.

Our next collection session is  10th August 2016

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