Rabbit Neutering

What neutering can prevent for your pet rabbit:

  • Unwanted pregnancies…it doesn’t take long for 2 rabbits to turn into 20 rabbits!
  • Entire males housed together very frequently fight and cause life threatening injuries, normally to the testicles.
  • Pregnancies. Remember: neutered males can remain fertile for 4 weeks post surgery.
  • False pregnancies occur following infertile matings with males or being mounted by a female rabbit. The body acts as if pregnant and causes behavioural changes such as aggression and nesting.
  • Uterine cancers, which are common and frequently aggressive.
  • Other uterine disorders like pyometras (a very serious condition where the uterus fills with pus), and endometritis (an inflamed uterus lining).
  • Mammary tumours, neutering before 2 years of age can help prevent them.
  • Aggressive behaviour, which can make pet owner interaction quiet unpleasant. We notice this particularly in female rabbits
  • Urine spraying, particularly seen in males. This can become a habit if allowed to continue.

If you think your rabbit would benefit from being neutered please contact us, your rabbit will require an examination by a veterinary surgeon to ensure he or she is in optimal health. Just like with any anaesthesia or surgical procedure, neutering is not without risks. We take the outmost care to try to reduce these risks as much as possible. Following surgery your rabbit will be hospitalised until we are satisfied that gut function is returning to normal, typically requiring 1 to 2 overnight stays. Anaesthetics slow gut function, we use medications to minimise this risk and commence supportive feeding as soon as possible after an anaesthetic recovery.


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