AI Package 2014 – Chilled Semen

Pool House Equine Clinic – AI Package (Chilled Semen) £285 + VAT.


Now that the 2013 breeding season is in view we have refined our highly popular ‘AI Packages’ for the coming year. This leaflet explains the 2013 packages. Our stud team will once again be run by Jonathan Withers and Emilie Vanhaesebrouck.


To further improve our service some changes will be introduced.

  1. The AI packages will  include special discounted rates for livery: (a) first seven days at grass free of charge & £7.50 + VAT per day thereafter or (b) if you require full livery £15 + VAT per day. All horses are turned out in individual paddocks during the day (unless otherwise requested).
  2. Biosecurity – as your horse is being admitted for artificial insemination there should be no possibility of the transmission of CEM therefore we do not require a CEM swab – however you may wish to consider tests for EVA and Strangles. The veterinary surgeons will advise you if you are uncertain about the appropriate tests for your mare. All mares should be accompanied by their passport on arrival at Pool House Equine Clinic.
  3. There is a settlement discount of 10% when packages are paid for in advance. If not paid in advance payment in full is required at the time of discharge of your mare. The decision to go on an AI package or not must be made before the start of the cycle and CANNOT be changed afterwards.


We also have a frozen semen package and a pay – as – you – go system.  Many practices charge an ‘in foal’ fee on conclusion of a successful cycle. We do NOT charge an ‘in foal’ fee. There is a discount available for 2nd (or subsequent) cycles if the first is unsuccessful (see below).


We will do everything to put SAFETY FIRST when it comes to your mare including examination in stocks and if necessary,  the use of sedation. Acceptance of a package is deemed to be consent to any necessary sedation and to the consequent charges. ALL internal examinations carry a small but finite risk of injury, infertility or even death. Whilst at the clinic your mare and foal will be insured against theft and fire for up to £30,000 – if your mare is valued at more than this then you MUST ensure insurance cover is in place. You are strongly advised to have general veterinary care insurance.


What is in your mare’s AI package.


A)      CHILLED SEMEN package

INCLUDES Veterinary Work and Medication for one cycle

–          All reproductive scanning during the cycle.

–          Insemination.

–          Usual fertility drugs including one dose of Chorulon (not Regumate)

–          14 day PD scan

–          28 day PD scan

–          45 day PD scan

–          ONE post insemination lavage

–          Paperwork and certification

–          Management and reduction of TWIN pregnancies

–          Evaluation of semen

–          Confirmation of pregnancy (no ‘in foal’ fee)

–          Discounted livery rates OR seven days free grass livery.


Total average price (= average pay – as – you – go for 7 days): £ 475.70 incl. VAT


Package Price 2013: £285.00 + VAT plus £220 + VAT for each subsequent cycle on that mare.



Extra charges will be made for:

  • Any visits (visit fee only will be charged).
  • Any subsequent cycle (discounted rate).
  • Caslick’s procedure. Please note that this procedure may be deemed necessary to help get your mare in foal. If you do not wish a Caslick’s operation to be performed you may be requested to place the mare on a pay – as – you – go package.
  • External lab fees, e.g. CEM, EVA, EIA or uterine swabs for investigation of infertility.
  • Livery beyond 7 days.
  • Post-foaling checks.
  • Medical problems unrelated to the reproductive tract.
  • Any form of surgery.

What you need to do:

  • Purchase and organise delivery of chilled semen to Crown Inn Farm.
  • Pay for any costs associated with the collection of the semen.
  • Sign a consent form when the mare is delivered to Crown Inn Farm.
  • Ensure that your mare is insured for Vet’s fees, injuries and third party damage whilst at Crown Inn Farm (some insurance policies may exclude your horse whilst it is at ‘livery’).

What will be on your bill after EVERY cycle:

  1. Your package price including up to seven days free grass livery additional days will be charged at £7.50 + VAT per day.
  2. Livery charge per day if the horse is at full livery

or visit fees if the horse is scanned at home.

  1. All extra fees that are not included in the package
    1. Sedation (special discounted price £12.50 + VAT per dose)
    2. Caslick’s operation (costing £29.30 + VAT)
    3. All lab fees
    4. Any form of necessary surgery or medical problems unrelated to the reproductive tract
    5. Regumate if used.


4.   Small volume flush + bacteriology and/or bacterial sensitivity test. if necessary


For mares falling into the following groups:-

  • mares with a history of endometritis
  • mares returning for a second cycle
  • every mare that shows fluid in her uterus prior to insemination

We strongly advise taking a small volume lavage for bacterial culture. If positive, an antibiotic sensitivity test will be done to assist in the selection of the correct antibiotic with which to treat your mare.. The uterine lavage and lab work as well as antibiotic treatment are NOT included in your package and will be charged on top if necessary!


Low Volume Flush + Bacteriology =   £ 35.00 +VAT

A live foal is not guaranteed but we will endeavour to do our best for each mare.

This is to certify that I have read and understood the terms and conditions set out in the Pool House Equine Clinic AI Package as stated above.


Name …………………………………..          Address …………………………………


Name of mare …………………………

Delete as appropriate: I request grass livery / I request full livery.

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