An exciting development at Pool House Equine Clinic

Version 2Pool House Veterinary Group are delighted to announce that as of the 1st April 2017, Sam Luis Hole will become a full Partner of the Group. Sam joined the practice in 2009 and became an Associate Partner in 2013. He had previously worked in mixed practice with an equine bias in Fife, Scotland, and as an Equine Dental Technician (EDT) in the East of England before joining Pool House Equine Clinic. Sam is an RCVS & European Specialist in Equine Veterinary Dentistry, an RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Equine Dentistry and Equine Practice. He is well known to most of our equine clients from his ambulatory role out on the road, and from running the extremely busy Dental services at our Crown Inn Clinic. 


Sam will continue to help push the equine practice forward in both his ambulatory role, but more particularly in running the dental service in the New Equine Hospital. Sam aspires to make the practice a nationally recognised centre of excellence for veterinary dentistry. Sam also hopes to push the groups eco and green credential’s forward, with the groups use of solar energy, planned rain water harvesting for the New Equine Hospital, and a continued push to recycle wherever possible. With the aim of reducing our impact on the environment around us and our pets, and to minimize our carbon foot-print as much as possible. Senior partner Richard Stephenson commented that, ‘it is very exciting to be able to welcome a new partner to our team, Sam brings particular strengths in the field of equine dentistry which enables us to offer a premier league equine dental service to our clients. Sam has been with us for eight years and we greatly value his contribution to the practice as a whole. ‘

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