Stud package 2018 FROZEN & CHILLED SEMEN

We are ready for the 2018 stud season! We will continue to offer our 2017 chilled and frozen semen packages at the same prices.

This year we have two different packages for AI and stud work. stud-package-2017-stud  stud-package-2017-frozen  . Some mares such as those that experience post-breeding endometritis or are affected by an acute or chronic endometritis will require additional investigation and treatment. Rather than having one ‘Special Mare Top – up’ we will tailor a package specific to the needs of the individual mare and keep you fully informed as to any likely additional cost.

We have decided that we will charge for storage of frozen semen from this year as well. It’s part of our service of keeping your expensive semen under the best possible circumstance! Frozen semen that is currently stored in our tanks or new frozen semen that will arrive will be charged £20 per batch (per stallion) per month for every month that it is in our storage. For example: Mare to be covered with frozen semen in the 2017 season. 3 doses (3 doses x 4 straws of stallion x) arrive on 1/4/17. Mare is inseminated once and goes in foal so 2 doses of 4 straws of stallion x are left in the tank on 30/9/2017. You will either have to organise for the 2 doses to go back to the stud (in your contract with the stud of stallion x) or you will be paying £20 per batch (in this case 1 batch of 2 doses of stallion x) per month for every month that the semen is in our tank.

Please contact us to find out what you currently have in storage.

Please give our office a ring if you have any questions about our packages or about the charges for storage of your frozen semen.

Here is the links to the packages stud-package-2017-stud stud-package-2017-frozen

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