Foreign (EU) students who have good English language skills are accepted for externships as well as students from all the UK University Vet Schools. The month of MARCH is reserved for final year students on ‘selective’ from Glasgow University. Externs will not be accepted for less than four weeks. Please note the veterinary surgeons who are fully qualified in other EU states and are no longer students must be registered with the RCVS – otherwise they cannot be involved in clinical work. Externs should ensure that they have appropriate personal health and injury insurance – generally the UK Universities provide this for their students.

We have a large static chalet with three bed rooms and this may be available depending upon demand for a minimal rent of £10 per day to cover the costs of heating and lighting. A refundable deposit of £50 is required. No pets are allowed.

Please apply by email to equineadmin@poolhousevets.co.uk

Longer externships may be made available to externs who successfully complete their first two week period.

The clinic is in a relatively rural location with no public transport services, therefore it is very advantageous if externs have their own transport available, although staff will always try to assist with collection from airports and the local train station. Staff members are generally willing to help with visits to local shops etc.

Please bring suitable outdoor clothing, suitable footwear, a stethoscope and a thermometer. It can be very cold in winter months and fairly hot in the summer!You may also wish to bring a small notepad / small crib book and a small bag. You should bring your lunch with you.

On your first morning arrive by 8.30, other mornings you should report to reception at 8am, the reception team will show you the sign in form. Please park your car sensibly and considerately, and leave the keys in reception.On the first morning you will be shown around the site.

This will be your chance to check the day / call sheets. Then familiarise yourself with the inpatients. You should TPR / exam each patient – tie up the horses or else the yard staff may be able to help a little. Case rounds will be at 7.30 to 9 with the duty inpatient vet – Marco/Fredericka/Andrea/Ron, Jonathan Withers (surgeon/clinical director) and Richard Stephenson. Please make your level of competence known to the duty intern.

Vets will head out on calls, the other vets being Gil Riley, Patrick Macandrew, Renske Vanderrijt, Sam Hole, Oliver King,  Claire Black and Aurelie Mathieu.   Please introduce yourself and make known if there is a particular vet you would like to go on calls with. One would benefit from a good basis of routine calls as well as more advanced clinical cases. During case presentations and discussions it is in your interest to partake – there is no such thing as a silly question.


Externs must at all times respect the right to confidentiality of both clients and Pool House Equine Clinic. Pictures of the clinic, personnel, clients or animals must NOT be posted on any social media site. In particular Pool House Equine Clinic or its clients must not be discussed on Facebook or similar. Failure to observe practice confidentiality will result in immediate termination of the externship and the extern being reported to the relevant educational authorities.

Code of Conduct.

Externs must follow the joint RCVS / UK Vet Schools Code of Conduct at all times.

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