Find a Local Farrier

Find a Local Farrier
The Farriers Registration Act 1975 prohibits the shoeing of horses by unqualified persons. The Worshipful Company of Farriers is responsible for ensuring the high standards necessary in a modern farrier.

Farriers serve a four-year apprenticeship, attend a period of training at a school of farriery and must pass both written and practical examinations. The Army also trains farriers to a high standard.

It is against the LAW for anyone other than a registered Farrier to shoe a horse or to describe himself as a farrier, shoeing smith or use any description which might indicate that he is a farrier.

Britain has the highest standards of Farriery anywhere in the World. You should always check that anyone shoeing your horse is a registered Farrier or an apprentice under supervision.

Jason J Megan. DWCF
7 Osprey Close,
Nr Lichfield,
WS14 911T.

Tel: 01543 433461
Mobile: 07970 616028


Andrew Bagnall. DWCF
32 Brooks road
Wylde Green
Sutton Coldfield
B72 1HP,

Tel: 07973 845267


Marc Jerram DWCF
114 Hill St,
WS12 5DR

Mobile: 07973 898873


Lawrence Newman RSS
Cross Ash Cottage,
Thorleys Hill,
W515 4LP

Tel: 07860 939573


Russell Nicholls DWCF
3 Warwick close,
Burton upon Trent,
DE14 3JJ

Tel: 07876754596

01283 531696


Sean Rutland. DWCF

Tel: 01332 824710
07976 750544





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