Overground Endoscopy

Wind problem investigations.
We are now able to offer an ‘over ground scope’ service to investigate wind problems in sports and race horses. Traditionally we have looked at the airways using an endoscope whilst the horse is at rest. In most cases this is an effective way of identifying the problem. However there are some conditions that only occur when the horse is working hard. In the past it has been necessary to send these patients to a ‘tread mill’ so that they can be scoped whilst working. Tread mill studies are expensive, and time consuming as the horse has to be trained to run on the tread mill first. The ‘over ground’ scope is placed in the horse’s nose. The images are recorded as the horse works as normal on a gallop. A radio transmitter sends the video back to a receiver and the airway can be observed on a lap top computer. This is a very powerful way to diagnose an upper airway problem. If you would be potentially interested in an over ground scope please contact Patrick Macandrew at Pool House Equine Clinic.

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