Buster is a lovely 3 year old Jack Russel who was attacked by another dog whilst on a walk in his local park. He had extensive wounds and the bone of his front leg was exposed. At that point it was feared he may lose his leg.

Unfortunately infection set in and his initial stitch up broke down. Following a long period of rehabilitation, which involved many dressing changes, it was decided to help speed up the repair by utilising a special skin graft. This allowed small islands of new skin to grow outwards to fill in the gaps of the wound.

buster post op

Buster’s skin graft.











Buster required significant nursing care and became a best friend to many of the nurses and vets over the coming months.

This October after 5 months of intensive treatment Buster was given the all clear. His leg is now fully healed and he is remarkably just as friendly to his other 4 legged companions and is still just as waggy visiting the vets!

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