Cindy is a beautiful 3 year old Domestic Short Hair who presented to the Burntwood branch with difficulty breathing after having been missing for a couple days. Radiographs and samples taken directly from the chest revealed a dramatic infection.

A short anaesthetic followed to place tubes into both sides of the chest to drain the pus that had built up from the infection. Thankfully her oxygen saturation immediately improved and she appeared far happier.


cindy squire tubes

The X-ray showing Cindy’s chest drains.







Cindy had to have a lot of nursing care in the Lichfield hospital to keep her comfortable and provide continued drainage of the chest. The tubes were also used to flush and provide pain relief directly to her chest. Despite her ordeal she remained the perfect patient and soon became a favourite in our hospital.

Seven days following admission Cindy’s drains were removed and she was sent home with oral medication only. She was given the all-clear at the end of September and is back to her usual cheeky self, except with some rather stylish shaved patches!

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