Kody – A different type of stone


Kody Siberian Husky gall bladder removal cholocystectomy pool house lichfield staffordshire vets

Kody is a feisty 3 year old Siberian Husky who came to see Katie the vet late at night after vomiting and not feeling his usual self.

On examination he was quiet and painful when feeling his tummy. An ultrasound scan of his abdomen revealed fluid and peritonitis.

Once stabilised we proceeded to exploratory surgery by vets Jamie and Lauren whereby the source of the fluid was found to be bile leaking from a ruptured gallbladder caused by a blockage by a gallstone; these are very rarely seen in dogs unlike humans.


intraoperative view Kody gall bladder removal cholocystecomy pool house lichfield staffordshire vetsruptured gall bladder Kody pool house lichfield staffordshire vets

Emergency surgical removal of the gallbladder (known as a cholecystectomy) was needed but thankfully this complex surgery went well and Kody has made a full recovery, although he may say different as he needs a special low fat diet instead of his normal tasty food!

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