Staff Pets


Bruno is vet Laura’s dog. He is a 13 year old terrier cross, who Laura rescued from Battersea Dogs Home whilst she was a student. He enjoys visiting our Mere Green branch, often greeting clients as our part time ‘receptionist’. In his spare time he enjoys long walks with his pals Guiness, Lola, Charlie, Bramble and Noah and could spend hours trying to retrieve the squeaker from inside a his toys.

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Elspeth aka “Mouse” is vet Jamie’s cat. She came in as a rescue to Jamie’s wife’s practice who is also a vet at 4 months old having been found in a shed with her 6 hungry kittens. She is now 3 years old and still full of mischief with a tendency to bring Jamie’s family home lots of “presents” at night time. She loves nothing more than a scratch under her chin as can be seen in one of the pictures below!

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