This little Princess truly deserves to be recognised as a Pool House Hero. For such a young lady she’s been through a lot, but the most incredible thing about Princess was the speed of her recovery.

One afternoon Princess was happily tearing around the fields on a walk with her owner. Feeling full of youthful confidence she then decided to pick a fight with a tractor. Despite likely having been driven over by the tractor Princess ran home in fear with her owner racing after her. Princess was rushed in to our out of hours service as her owners were understandably concerned. She was triaged by our nurses and rushed straight through to our veterinary team. In shock and struggling for breath, a quick x-ray revealed that both of her lungs had been burst by the trauma. This allowed air to fill her chest, compressing her lungs and heart. This is a life threatening issue but luckily she reached us just in time. Princess did briefly visit the other side but thanks to the swift drainage of the trapped air she quickly returned to us

Two large tubes were placed through her ribcage into her chest in order to drain the huge amount of air that continued to leak from her lungs. It took hourly draining for over a day before her lungs began to patch themselves up. None of this phased this little fighter who was always up for some fun and games with our nurses.

After only 4 days in the hospital Princess was discharged and is now back to her normal mischievous self. Amazingly, Princess had no other injuries, not even any broken ribs! She truly is a tough cookie worthy of the hero title, and we can now safely say it’s Princess 1, Tractor nil. Fingers crossed there are no rematches!

Pool House Vets