Lost and Found

Has your pet gone missing? Let us help…

We are launching a new lost pet service from our Lichfield hospital. This service is free of charge and open to clients and non-clients. The service includes:

  • assignment of a member of our lost pet liaison team – meet and talk with one of the team who can work with you to try and find your pet.
  • missing pet poster
  • we will check local practices, rescue centres and the local papers for information on your pet
  • posting on our facebook page

To report a missing pet either:

1. Fill out our online missing pets form

2. Phone the practice and speak to a member of our reception team on 01543 262464

If you think you may have seen an animal matching any of the descriptions below then please phone the practice.

Sadly it is all too common that we see cats who have clearly been well looked after and must have an owner somewhere but without any form of identification we struggle to reunite them. What makes it worse for us is that situation can easily be avoided by having your pet microchipped. For only £15 we can implant a microchip that will last a lifetime and means even if your cat strays from home, we will know they belong to you and we can get them home to you as soon as possible.

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