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Shilah is a 9 year old Northern Inuit with an amazing story to tell, surviving a life-threatening surgery and multiple medical challenges!
Shilah came to us collapsed and pale having started spontaneously bleeding from a ruptured tumour on her spleen. She was rushed into theatre to undergo an emergency procedure to stop the haemorrhage and remove her spleen. This alone would have been an achievement to survive but what happened next makes Shilah’s story even more remarkable.
On recovery from her surgery Shilah developed a problem with her platelets, which help to clot the blood, leading to large areas of bruising appearing all over her body and continued bleeding from her incision. On top of this she lost the use of her back legs, possibly due to a bleed around her spinal cord, and her right hind limb began to swell with retained fluid. This led to large sores appearing on her leg where the skin died and sloughed off due to the pressure of the swelling.
Shilah required intensive care by our vet and nursing team around the clock, including a plasma transfusion to get her blood to clot again, physiotherapy from our rehabilitation team and a further two surgeries to debride and suture her wounds. Despite all of the complications thrown at her Shilah remained the perfect patient; affectionate, gentle, and hugely tolerant of all of our ‘poking’ and ‘prodding’.
She was discharged after over a week in the hospital and has continued management of her wounds at home with her devoted owners. Her mobility improved daily and she is now able to walk again unaided. We are still managing her wounds, which should be fully healed in a few weeks’ time.
Shilah is a true fighter, defying all the odds to pull through!

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