Top tips for hot weather

heat stroke dog

We all love when summer arrives and we can finally enjoy a little warmth and sunshine, but for dogs the heat can sometimes be a bit too much. Read our top tips on how to keep your dog safe this summer and what to do in the event of heat stroke!hot dogs

1. Your dog should always be able to move into a cooler, ventilated environment if he/she is feeling hot.

2. Never leave your dog alone in the car. If you want to take your dog with you on a car journey, make sure your destination is dog-friendly. Even leaving your dog for short periods in a closed car and be deadly. Leaving the windows open just isn’t enough to ensure your dogs stays cool!

3. If leaving your dog outside, provide a cool shady spot where he/she can escape from the sun at all times of day.

4. Make sure your dog has a good supply of drinking water in a weighted bowl that can’t be knocked over. Carry water with you on hot days and give your dog frequent small amounts.

5. Never leave your dog in a glass conservatory or a caravan. Even if its cloudy when you leave, the sun may come out later and make it unbearably hot.

6. Groom your dog regularly to get rid of excessive hair. Give long-coated breeds a haircut at the start of summer.

7. Dogs need exercise but walk your dog early in the morning or later in the evening when its cooler. Never allow to dog to exercise excessively in hot weather.

8. Dogs can get sunburned too – particularly those with light coloured noses or ears. You can apply pet-safe suncreams to give protection.



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